Name: Sydney Larsen

School: Sewickley Academy

Favorite cuff: BE NICE OR LEAVE

What're you involved in/outside of school? Lots and lots of lacrosse

Who is someone you couldn't live without and why? Amy, the lunch lady at my school. She makes me a sausage/egg/tots/cheese wrap every morning, and I love her!

Who is someone you look up to? My mom.  She is the definition of “girl boss.”

Favorite food? Honeycrisp apples… bacon is a close second.

Favorite place to eat in your town? Mambo -- awesome brick oven pizzas.  The front wall is garage doors that they open when the weather is nice.

What’s something you love doing on the weekends? Making homemade churros (better than Costco) and covering Halsey on the ukulele; church every Sunday

Favorite place you've ever travelled? Buenos Aires, Argentina. There’s style in the water there.

Clothing wise - all black or keep it colorful? Johnny Cash (with a colorful personality!!)

Insta or snap? Snap. Loyal to the flower crown filter...

Early bird or night owl? Early Bird but it's negotiable.

Breakfast or dinner? Breakfast!!!

Coke or Pepsi? Diet Coke

Hang at your house or go to a friends? Welcome to my house...

Spring or Summer? Summer

What should be the next cuff: I’M THE CAPTAIN NOW



Name: Danielle Moore     

Hometown: Jupiter, Florida

School: Florida State University     

Major: Retail Merchandising and Product development    

Favorite cuff:  matte black “iitywimyhtbmad"

Who is an important role model in your life and why? My sisters, even though they are so different, there are qualities in each of them that inspire me everyday

What is your favorite event of the year at school? Gamedayz

Who could you not live without? So cliché but my best friends Hailee and Sydney, they’re the only ones on this Earth that are as weird, if not more weird lol

Favorite brunch spot of all time)? Gallery Grille in Tequesta; the eggs benedict is to die for

Favorite late night snack? Frozen berries with whipped cream

Early bird or night owl? Early bird for sure

Fav place to online shop? Big fan of Nordstrom, hello free shipping and returns

Fav insta account you follow and why? @jackbatesphotography he takes the most incredible pictures of nature and just shows the world from a different perspective

Whats the 1 food you'd take to a desert island? Watermelon #survival

#1 place you want to travel but have never been? Hayman Island off Australia

What should the next cuff be? “one and only”


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Name: Rachel Harris
School: University of Georgia
Major: Photojournalism and Communications
Interests: photography, diving (scuba or free), horseback riding- basically anything outside
Favorite cuff: good vibes only :)
What're you involved in on/around campus? NPPA (National Press Photographer's Association), Make a Wish Foundation, & Chi Omega
Favorite time of year and why? I'd say the beginning of fall. The weather is perfect, the leaves are starting to change, it's football season, and everyone is outside and happy since it's not a million degrees anymore. 
Who is your female role model and why? Malala Yousafzai because she is the single bravest woman I have ever heard of and at 19 years old has made more of a difference in this world than most people can in a lifetime. 
Most fun event of the year at school? either home football games or SAE's spring party (Showercap) 
Best coffee place near school? Walkers Coffee Shop & Pub
Fav place you've ever traveled and why? Bagan, Myanmar. The locals were some of the nicest people I have ever met and the country just felt untouched by tourism. 
What's the go-to going out outfit at UGA? cute top, skirt or skort, choker, & wedges or sleds
What's the best part of game days? EVERY PART haha but I'd say my favorite is being inside the stadium for a win
Favorite late night spot? five guys - mainly because my loft is directly above it
Best place to shop near school? urban, cheeky peach, or heery's
Best brunch near school? MAMA'S BOY - bacon egg and cheese scrambler will change your life
Fav place to online shop? Revolve
Insta or snap? instaaa
Home or school? As much as I love Athens, it's pretty hard to beat south florida
Beach or city? BEACH 100%
Darty or night party? darty for sure
Cuff idea that would define UGA kids? sic' em or dawgs on top



Get to know Mckenna with us!

Name: McKenna Benz

School: Florida State University

Major: Criminology

Interests: Really interested in anything that has to do with criminal justice and crime, also interested in fashion and design!

Favorite Cuff: The “Good Vibes Only one” for sure

Involvement on Campus: I am involved in the Zeta Tau Alpha Greek organization at FSU!

Favorite Time of the Year: Summer because I love going to the beach and laying out to tan and being able to be in a bathing suit 24/7

Female Role Model: Carrie Underwood because she’s perfect and has a perfect life and voice!

Night Owl or Early Bird: Definitely an early bird! I can’t keep my eyes open past like 12!

What motivates you when you wake up each day? I get motivated by the thought of trying each day to be a better version of myself

Favorite place I’ve ever traveled: Costa Rica because it’s such a beautiful and amazing place

Spring Break plans: I just ended spring break but I went on 5-day cruise to Mexico with tons of other people from FSU! It was so much fun and I had all of my close friends on board with me which made it even better.

Best Part of game days: At FSU, the best part of game days is the all day party. From 8am to 2am here in Tallahassee you can go anywhere and be ensured a good time. The war chant, music, and partying doesn’t stop on game days.

Insta or Snap? Insta for sure! I love looking at everyone’s pics.

Beach or City? Definitely the beach; it’s my favorite place ever.

What should be the next cuff? I think the next cuff should say “Brunch So Hard” because who doesn’t love brunch?





Get to know @andersonmonica with us!

Name: Mona Anderson 

School: Wake Forest 

Major: Economics 

Favorite cuff: pizza and champagne 

What're you involved in on campus? Beta, love your melon club 

Favorite spot to hang on campus? The Pit

What're you most known for at school - Be honest? Being meres sister or my sexy lisp accent 

Most fun event of the year at school? HEAT (pool party in a basement) 

Where'd you Spring Break and why? Vail first bc family trip then Miami (got kicked out of LIV) then PB with Elana my bff for a honeymoon 

What's the go-to going out outfit at wake? Chucks and a body con

Favorite late night spot? Tie between Subway & Dominos

Best place to shop near school? Bevello

Jorts or leggings? Jorts

Bar or house party? basement party 

Exercise of choice? None... but if I had to pick one I guess speed walking 

Darty or go out at night? Darty!

What are you rocking from Cuffed in this pic? Pizza & Champagne cuff, Good Vibes Only cuff + White Horn custom special necklace <3

New cuff idea? UBER EVERYWHERE