SAFETY: Please avoid wearing any of our items with small parts around infants and toddlers as these can be choking hazards.  For those with nickel allergies, please note cuffs and rings are stainless steel based, which contains 8% nickel.  The steel is then plated with gold / silver / rose gold so the Nickel is not in direct contact with skin unless the product is worn down over a long period of time.  

CARE: For longest lasting beauty, avoid wearing our products in the water, while sweating, or with heavy fragrances/lotions/oils.

LEGAL: CUFFED BY NANO LLC All the rights to the original designs belong to CUFFED BY NANO LLC.  Please note that all products on this site are not to be distributed without prior permission.  The signs are created and produced exclusively for our direct customers and wholesale customers.  No reproduction without written permission.  Resale and/or reproduction violations will be aggressively investigated and vigorously prosecuted.