SAFETY, care & sizing


Please avoid wearing any of our items with small parts around infants and toddlers as these can be choking hazards.  For those with nickel allergies, please note cuffs and rings are stainless steel based, which may contain less than or equal to 8% nickel.  The steel is then plated with gold / silver / rose gold so the Nickel is not in direct contact with skin unless the product is worn down over a long period of time.  


For longest lasting beauty, avoid wearing our products in the water, while sweating, or with heavy fragrances/lotions/oils.


Cuffs are one size fit all and are adjustable.  To make the cuff smaller, squeeze both ends of the cuff together on the bottom side of your wrist until they are almost touching (about 3cm apart).  Do not worry about squeezing too tight, as the cuffs are steel based and will not break.  Open wide to remove cuff.  


Our silver and gold finishes are your best choices for longest lasting color.  Rose gold may turn to gold over time as the copper component that creates rose gold fades.