Our Mission

Cuffed makes fun, unique jewelry for the independent, adventurous babes of the world. Each piece is designed to inspire, to empower, and to have fun.

At Cuffed, we are dedicated to making a difference in our world by donating a portion of each purchase to educating and feeding the needy. In partnership with my mom’s non profit organization hands together for haitians, we donate 1 week's tuition + 1 meal to kids in need in Haiti.

The money we donate helps feed and educate 400 students, provide salary for 10 teachers, and provide basic supplies and infrastructure support for our partner school in Boucan Carre, Haiti. Without our amazing customers, we wouldn't be able to continue to make a huge difference in these children's lives.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Interested in making a direct donation to our partner school?
Our partnership is through a non profit organization, Hands Together for Haitians, based in Florida. You can donate directly on their site and either choose the 'Cuffed’ donation option, or fill in your own amount and add a comment that it’s for Cuffed! Thank you so much!

Early Summer 2018, i had the joy of visiting our partner school in Boucan Carre, Haiti with my mom (Modern School of the Sacred Heart of Boucan Carre). My mom and I met with Abner (the principal), the teachers, the local ladies who cook our donated lunches, and all of the students in classrooms PK - 6th grade!

When we arrived, the ladies in the kitchen were finishing up cooking lunch, which was then distributed to all 400 students while we were visiting. The lunch consisted of rice, black beans, fish, and a juice. The portions were large and the students were so grateful to receive a hearty, warm meal.

We visited each classroom one by one. All of the classrooms are made of wood sticks with tin roofs, as shown in some of the photos. The students are very crowded in the classrooms, with around 40 students in each grade in a tiny room. Last year, we were able to donate money to rebuild one of the classrooms, which is the one concrete classroom pictured as is for Kindergarten. We hope to continue to help with improvements to the school that allow for better learning environments and room for more students.

We sat with a 6th grade girl and asked her a few questions, one of which was “What’s your favorite part about school?” Without skipping a beat, she told us that she is most excited that we Americans are helping support her school so it allows for more kids to come to school and it gives them hope for a future. That response paired with the comments and sentiments from the students and faculty really showed how much it means to this Haitian community that people around the world truly care about them.

I plan to visit the school annually to continue to build relationships there as well as provide support in any way I can. Although i speak in first person, the support truly comes from every single customer and friend who has encouraged me and supported me along this beautiful journey.