at cuffed, we care passionately about sustainability and hold ourselves to the highest sustainability standards. see below for some of our sustainability initiatives. as we are still a small company, we would love to hear any sustainability suggestions you may have as well.

recycled product: we’ve focused on developing collections made from as much recycled metal content as possible (recycled silver, gold, stainless steel and brass). our babe bar collection uses over 90% recycled metal. you can see individual product listing descriptions for specifics on recycled metal use. in addition to using recycled metal in production, we encourage customers to recycle/resell their jewelry if/when they finish loving it to give the metal a new life.

sustainable product: when we’re not using recycled metals, we’re most often using stainless steel (which on average has over 50% recycled content in it, so is somewhat recycled!). stainless steel is endlessly recyclable, with an estimated 80+% of stainless steel recaptured and repurposed in the recycling process. it’s durability exceeds the durability of any other metal in the jewelry industry which allows customers to reduce their own consumption as their pieces are incredibly long lasting. stainless steel is generally considered one of the most sustainable materials you can use across a multitude of industries, including jewelry.

recycled + Recyclable packaging: our shipping boxes are cardboard boxes made from a majority recycled content, and are curbside recyclable. we use crinkle paper filler to protect the jewelry pouch inside the box, which is made from 100% recycled content and is also curbside recyclable.

headquarters recycling: at our headquarters, we recycle scrap metal back to our suppliers so it can have a new life (maybe eventually coming back to us as new product!). if you need help recycling your own scrap jewelry, don’t hesitate to reach out!